RexecJ 1.0.0 released. This release fixes a bug with environment variable handling, allows the RexecJ server to be run as either a UNIX daemon or Windows service, allows RexecJ servers to be queried for a listing of all understood commands, and has expanded documentation. This is the first "stable" RexecJ release, so download it now from the project page.


RexecJ 0.9.2 released. This release adds a powerful 128-bit AES encryption message part filter, bug fixes, and improved documentation. Download it from the RexecJ project site. Please feel free to email me or leave a message on the message boards (on the project page). I am looking for suggestions, complaints, and help as RexecJ moves towards its "1.0" release.


RexecJ 0.9.0 released. Download it! If there are any questions about the program or protocol, email me or drop a line on one of the RexecJ message boards (at the RexecJ project page).

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